Horizon Technology Park – work begins..

08:38 21 June in News

Today, 21st June 2018, Polar Technology Management Group Ltd hosted an event to mark the commencement of construction of the Horizon Technology Park, Eynsham, Oxfordshire. Invited guests included those who have contributed to the project from the land owners, through to Architects, Planners, Lawyers, Consultants, Financiers and the project team led by Will Odling.

Horizon Technology Park is an Advanced Engineering Campus being developed in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, to house the expansion of Polar Technology Management Group Ltd, (SST Technology and Lentus Composites).

The first phase of the campus is underway now, and when completed in early 2019, will house Lentus Composites in a purpose built 100,000sqft facility. This initial expansion will allow SST Technology to continue to grow in the space released before the second phase of building delivers further state of the art facilities for SST.

Scott Roberts, Co-Chairman of The Polar Group said “The development of the Horizon Technology Park represents an exciting milestone for the Polar Group, as the group businesses continue to flourish and the demand for advanced engineering products and services continues to grow, this expansion in facilities will enable the companies to grow and satisfy the demands of our customers into the next decade”

Will Odling added “In the time I have been involved with Polar Technology Group the rate of growth and product development has been truly incredible and in order to keep up with this business performance, the property development has had to keep pace. The existing site has been developed and the new buildings and the technology campus needs to be delivered efficiently and on time. The project team have worked well together to achieve this milestone of commencement of the building works. I would like to thank the team and I look forward to the grand opening of the completed first phase early next year.”

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