SST Technology CeramicLite® Ceramic Matrix Composites


Recognising the need for high performance composites in demanding high temperature environments, SST Technology have introduced the new CeramicLite® range of Ceramic Matrix Composites materials.  Designed to operate in applications far in excess of the capability of conventional composite materials, CeramicLite® materials offer a lightweight and highly thermally insulation set of properties for all applications.


The materials have been developed with cost and lead time in mind, with conventional composite manufacturing techniques being at the forefront of the development approach.  This allows SST Technology CeramicLite® products to be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively, in-line with the demands of our customers.  Several material specifications have been developed, providing our customers with a variety of options to suit thermal, weight and budget requirements.


Typical applications for these products could be protection of epoxy composite components, standalone heat deflection or heat retention applications, or the materials can be incorporated into bespoke installations as required by our customers, where SST Technology’s Development Engineering team can work with customers to develop bespoke solutions.

Key CeramicLite® benefits:

– High integrity, light weight composites capable of operating in environments of over 1000ºC

– Formable into complex geometries

– Thermal protection of critical components such as conventional epoxy based composites and electronics

– Very thin structures can be manufactured where space constraints are at a premium

– Can easily be integrated into existing setups/products