Apprenticeship in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering at SS Tube Technology – September 2013

12:52 29 September in News

SS Tube Technology have introduced an Apprenticeship scheme which started in September 2013 working alongside with the Abingdon & Witney College. Cain Reddick (17) and Alex Tyrrell (21) were both successful in obtaining this opportunity. They are currently attending College one day a week over the next two years to achieve Level 2 NVQ in Engineering Manufacture.

“Due to the current nationwide skill shortage and the almost unique manufacture process here at SS Tube Technology, it is difficult to find the right skills for our expansion. Implementing this Apprenticeship scheme seemed the best solution in securing the right skills for the future growth of SS Tube Technology and doing our part in investing in young persons to help increase the skills for the manufacture industry for the future of the UK”, said Rob Allen, Operations Director.

The engineering sector is very broad ranging and is at the heart of all industry in this country. Engineers design and build the things that make our world go round.

The Apprenticeship focuses on providing the basic skills and mechanical and electrical knowledge needed to start a career in production engineering. Generally, engineering apprentices will learn to take on an operator role in a certain area of engineering. They could work as an assembly fitter, machine operator or CNC operator using machinery such as lathes, milling machines and grinders. They will learn how to set up and maintain machines, read diagrams and plans and work as a team.

Working in this field requires a good head for figures and IT literacy. Good written and verbal communication skills are required as well as being able to be part of a team.

The Apprentices will complete most of their training at work, however attending college one day a week is compulsory.  This compliments the work as it offers more theory based skills than original apprenticeships, partly because the vast range of equipment now available to industry is not available in colleges, but also because the technical learning in college is the underpinning knowledge behind the in -house learning and NVQ assessment.

It is very refreshing to find young people who have a keen interest in engineering and most importantly have the ability. We wish Alex and Cain a long and successful future here at SS Tube Technology.

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