A day in the life of…


Greg F.

Production Support Technician

1. Tell me what your role involves.

I am responsible for the management of the consumables in the stores at SST.  This includes buying, negotiating and keeping track of all consumables.  I also manage the goods out department which includes, packing and ensuring all the correct documentations are in place in order to ship our products to our customers correctly.


2. What attracted you to join SST?

I was and am the 18th person to join SST when the company first started. I saw an advert for a production coordinator and knew one of the directors and fancied a challenge so I applied.

3. What did you do before you came here?
I was a sales manager for a hospitality company who covered the motorsport and motorbike markets.


4. What do you love about working here?
Everyone keeps telling me I should retire but everyday I wake up and I look forward to coming to work.  Everyday at SST is never a dull day, different challenges occur and I also enjoy the people interaction!